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"Shorashim" Nursery is Connected to Israeli Agriculture

It is a Zionist Israeli story that has brought with it over four decades a message of progress and cultivation of an Israeli system of millions of vegetable seedlings, which have helped the growth of land work throughout the country. The "Shorashim" nursery, located in Moshav Ein HaSor in the Eshkol region, marks the 40th anniversary of its activities.

Ground soil seedling

On August 30, the "Shorashim" nursery inaugurated the new "stealth" seedling she developed at the Moshav Ahituv Club. The "stealth" is a complex seedling for growing cucumbers and melons (pumpkin like), which through special technology manages to evade typical soil diseases that often damage the complex seedlings.

When quality of product meets the environment - plastic trays for seedlings - root nursery

We have all encountered trays made of Styrofoam in which the seedlings are placed and passed on to farmers on their way to the ground. Ostensibly, this is a trivial process, but a study conducted at the Shorashim Nursery in Moshav Ein HabSor, in the HaBsor region, found that there was damage caused and injury to the root system by plucking in the Styrofoam growing method.

Shorashim-history a nursery sprouting through the desert sands

The Shorashim Nursery, located in the Bsor region of the western Negev, was founded in 1982 as a family business. Today, its main specialty is the cultivation of vegetable and spices seedlings in a mold. The nursery's roots began to grow with the beginning of the settlement in the entrance of Rafiah in the northern Sinai Peninsula, during the years when the area was under Israeli control.

Innovations in Shorashim

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