Values and Vocation

Our commitment to provide you, the farmers, healthy and strong seedlings at the time you requested – is the root of our success over the years.

As farmers, these are the values that guide us in our relationship with you and in their light we act:

Family and Roots – The nursery is characterized by a special family spirit based on a sense of belonging, loyalty, help, support and understanding, together with the love of land and plants.

Professionalism and excellence – we produce, study and develop constantly in order to specialize in the fields in which we are engaged. All this is based on a constant desire for improvement and excellence in the quality of seedlings and in service to our customers.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation – The nursery staff is constantly attentive to the needs and requirements of farmers in the field, and strives to provide them with creative solutions based on the world’s most advanced knowledge, technology and developments in the field of vegetable and spice transplantation.

Fairness and reliability – We conduct our work with full transparency with nursery workers, customers and suppliers, while maintaining work relationships based on honesty and reliability.

Our vocation is to produce healthy and high-quality seedlings for a desired delivery date while providing courteous, professional service to our customers.

Innovations in Shorashim

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