Shorashim is a binding name
Farmers are at our roots
The stealth is a seedling with a huge advantage
Future generations are at our roots
Innovation is in our roots

About Shorashim

This year is a special year for Shorashim, it represents 40 years of planting

Shorashim was founded by Yossi Aviaya Malachi and Hanania Avakrat and began its activities somewhere in 1982

Following the peace agreements with Egypt and after the evacuation from the entrance of Rafiach

In 40 years of activity, we have served, ordered, sowed, sprouted, launched, Fertilized, sprayed, supervised, made mistakes, checked, assembled. We’ve improved, developed and rooted, practice, led, failed and Learned.

We’ve succeeded. We’ve been constant. We sold and marketed more than 4 billion seedlings.

It’s time to say a heartfelt personal thank you:

  • To all our dedicated and professional employees.
  • To all our persistent and encouraging customers.
  • To all our trusted and serviceable suppliers.
  • To all of our acquaintances and loved ones who have helped and supported over the years.
  • To all the farmers with Shorashim.

Without you, all this blessed work would not have been done.
Wishing you a year of growth and renewal, a year of success in crops and prices,
A year of routine, health and ease.

Happy New Year

Sagi and The Shorashim Family

The roots of the Shorashim nursery began their growth with the beginning of the settlement in the Negev and Rafiah in the 1950s and 1970s, when the founders and their families came to engage in the work of the land and tied their fate with this region. The idea of Yossi Aviaya Malachi and Avakrat Hanania to turn their farm into an economy that specializes in the production of vegetable seedless, grew skin and tendons.

The production of seedlings in growing molds and detached substrate was an innovative idea, and the transition to growing seedlings using this method was a global upheaval, which played a crucial role in the entire accelerated process of developing the vegetable and spice industry in Israel.

In 1982, upon the signing of the peace treaty with Egypt, the nursery began its activities in The Moshav Ein HaBsor, founded by Hanania Avakrat and Yossi Aviaya Malachi.

The concept of Shorashim represents for us the connection and values of the love of the land, settlement and flowering of the wilderness as well as family. These values are connected and expressed in the work, advanced production processes and in an unmediated relationship with agriculture practitioners throughout the country.

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