Company Profile

Shorashim Nursery is an industrial nursery specializing in growing vegetable and spices seedlings in molds with advanced manufacturing processes and computer technology. Shorashim Nursery was established as a family business in 1982, and grew to be one of the leading nurseries in Israel thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of the two founders: Yossi Aviaya-Malachi and Hanania Avakrat.

Over the years, we have often been pioneers in the integration industry in Israel, with a long list of developments, including the introduction of advanced work methods and innovative manufacturing processes:

  • In growth patterns models
  • In Organic seedlings
  • In Grafts seedlings
  • In Spice seedlings
  • In seedlings pattern of wild vegetation for the Trans-Israel Highway (Route 6)
  • In the development of a drum sowing machine
  • In the development of a greenhouse “Shorashim” model with roof ventilation
  • Transporting trays in packing cages
  • In a dedicated software that calculate the growing days of seedlings


Today, the entire work process in the nursery is computerized, and takes place under an uncompromising sanitation regime: From the stage of absorption of the order in accordance with the agricultural requirements, through the planning and execution of the sowing and sprouting processes in the trays, the transition to greenhouses and the growing period, to the operation of the irrigation systems and the implementation of marketing processes.

The result: at any given moment we have full control over all the information. From the number of seeds in stock to a snapshot of an individual seedling.

Following the operation of these processes and the adoption of international standards, we have been privileged to receive the high quality standards of ISO and Global Gap.

Over the years, we have gained additional international experience, with the knowledge, experience and capabilities we have developed and helped establish additional nurseries around the world: in China, Vietnam, Mexico, Honduras, Morocco and Greece (along with Netafim).

Shorashim in numbers

  • 40 years of operation
  • 365 days of operation per year
  • Over 150 million seedlings a year are grown for farmers from all over the country
  • 100 acres of greenhouses
  • 150 employees
  • 10 agronomists
  • Dozens of crops
  • Hundreds of varieties
  • 2 growing sites

Innovations in Shorashim

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